Day 3: Rocky Mountain High

Today’s day was spent enjoying the sights on the train as we traveled across Utah and through the Rocky Mountains to Denver. We were joined by Ally Seeley who works for Something Independent .This is a Denver-based organization that helps shed light on start-ups and connects individuals with other resources in the area.

I also sat down and surveyed participants on the train regarding my project today. These individuals were college graduates or working towards their doctorate in their respective field. It was surprising to find out from them that they were very in touch with their finances in regards to student loans, credit cards, and credit scores. This got me thinking about the students I talked to yesterday and how much of a stark contrast the two sets of conversations were. It is an interesting thought that we are labeled as being millennials yet there is this huge difference between knowledge of finances due to age. I am hoping to go to the University of Denver and Colorado State University to talk with more students to get even more of an understanding.

This evening we were fortunate enough to receive free tickets to go see the Colorado Rockies play the Pittsburgh Pirates at Coor’s Light Field. These tickets were given to us as a donation from the Colorado Rockies so a huge thank you and shout out goes to them!



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