Day 4: Denver Part 2

Today was an eventful day in the beautiful Denver, CO. We started out the morning listening to Denielle Sachs who is a Director of Social Impact with McKensey Company that does work in education and health. We then participated in a Pioneer’s Journey session and worked on personal reflection of goals we have with this trip. It is nice to have time to reflect and do soul searching because it is not something I get to do on a normal day’s basis. I have found it very relaxing and that it puts me in an ease of mind from the everyday mundane tasks of life.

Following the reflection we took a walk to the Infinite Monkey Theorem which is an urban winery in Denver. What’s interesting about this place is that the owner has taken the initiative in not only selling wine in bottles but also in pop cans. This convenience is perfect for the Colorado scene so that people can bring cans of wine outdoors with them when they go camping or can enjoy wine at an outdoor sporting event in the stands. From what I heard from the other participants, the wine in the can tastes very good.  

Our afternoon was spent at Taxi in Denver which is a creative space for businesses to work in. We listened to Travis Price, an incredible architect out of Washington DC, speak about the different projects he has done and his inspiration from poetry, stories, and backgrounds that influence his work. We then went outside and created our own sculpture area of out bales of hay and crafts that we made during the afternoon.

The evening was spent with a pool party and social networking event at Taxi. They have taken large shipping containers and transformed it into a pool, how awesome!

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the incredible chefs we have on board. Chef Sam Crocker works in a New York City restaurant owned by Jean Georges Vongeritchen whom owns one of New York’s best restaurants. We have been spoiled with incredible dishes such as prosciutto cotto sandwiches, fennel & honeydew gazpacho, and lamb burgers to name a few. He is being help by chef John who is a recent culinary school grad.

I am anxious to find out what students in Colorado know or don’t know about their finances. I am waiting for the one individual who has a captivating story to be told that sheds light on the financial illiteracy.




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