Day 5: Rejection

Our morning was started out with a talk from Erik Mitisek who is a technology startup advocate for the Denver area and the creator of Denver Startup Week. His goal is to make Denver the third large technology city in the United States. We then took a trip to Galvanize which is a place for entrepreneurs to collaborate on ideas through pillars of capital, community, and curriculum. We heard from Tami Door, CEO of the Downtown Denver Project which is is working to revitalize the downtown Denver area. We also listened to Richard Eidlin who focuses on public policy and sustainability with the American Sustainable Business Council.

We were finally able to start working on our projects this today. I started out my day by going to the University of Denver to talk to students. It turns out that there really aren’t any students on campuses during the summer in Denver so I only had one person to talk to. This student had no idea about any of his personal finances but could answer every pop culture I threw at him, and that didn’t surprise me any. I then made my way over to a tri-college village to talk with more students. I started out by talking with two credit unions on campus about what they see students coming in for help with the most. They both mentioned that confusion of loans was the biggest issues they deal with students on a daily basis. Both credit unions also offer free credit score analysis which is awesome! I then ventured out to talk with students until I was approached by an administrative staff that reported I was not allowed to speak about finances with students in that campus and they escorted me out. As far as research goes, today did not go well at all.

As I slummed my way back to our train I came across the Federal Reserve Bank that acts as a branch of the Federal Reserve in Kansas. I went inside and took a tour of what they had to offer. They had on display old currency that dates back to the early 1700’s. They also had money bags with $165 in them that they gave out for free (the catch is that the money is inked and shredded).

We are headed to Omaha tonight and will arrive by early morning. I am hoping I don’t run into any issues with talking to students as I did here, otherwise I may have to rework my project and goals.



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