Day 8: Surviving

Our morning started out at 1871 which is a co-working space located in the Merchandise Mart of downtown Chicago. We had another Idea Morning in this space with two speakers talk about design. We also had Mark Hogg, founder of Water Step, talk about how his company is working to make water safer and more accessible around the world.

My afternoon was spent in Evanston, IL at Northwestern University with Greg Wilson who is another participant on the train. I was able to talk with a couple of students and even ran into a student who takes film classes with my best friend. The most profound talk I had was with a Ph.D. accounting student who really only knew the company his credit card came from.

We were joined in the evening by Michael Oreskes, VP and Senior Managing Editor of the Associated Press to talk about media and its effect on democracy. We were also joined by Jeff Selingo, the editor for The Chronicle for Higher Education, and talked about the future of higher education. This has been my favorite speakers thus far on the trip because of the passion and questions that the participants had for these speakers.

We are in the last few days of our trip and is sad that this experience to end. I definitely won’t miss trying to shower on train or having early mornings where I haven’t fully recovered from the day before. However, I have learned so much in areas such as leadership, reflection and innovative thought that I would not have learned in a cubicle or classroom and I am so grateful for this extraordinary opportunity.



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