Day 9: Steeler City

This morning I sat down for a brief interview with Jeff Selingo about higher education and financing for college. We then made our way to Thrill Mill when a representative of Bombardier spoke about the future of transit. We also the cofounders of Sole Power speak to us about their shoe insole that captures kinetic energy from your foot and allows you to charge you phone.

Today I talked with students at Carnegie Mellon University, the nerd
capital of American universities. One of the students I talked to happened to be from Minnesota. She saw a business card of one of my coworkers and told me that she banks with the place I intern with! That’s the third connection I’ve had on this trip, remarkable! We then took a tour of East End Brewery for a social sampling event. Boy, do they have good ginger ale and root beer!

In the evening we were joined by the Editor in-Chief of National Geographic Traveler Keith Bellows. He spoke about where he sees the future of travel. An interesting quote from his speech that intrigued me was “Travel is not the same as vacation”. My experience on this trip echos this quote from Keith. No one has thought of this trip as a vacation, but  rather as a journey. As we are the inaugural group of this project, that makes us on the Pioneer’s Journey.



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